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* Keep children out of reach
* Store in cool and dry place
* Avoid to use during pregnancy or flu
* If symptom persist, please consult doctor.
* Taking any forms of medicine or supplement    
   food does not means it can replace the            
   nutrients available from foods, compensate
personal habit (i.e. Smoking, lack of exercise,
unbalance diet).
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Bio - Bonita
Total Plate Count (TCP), CFU/g
(below 50g)
Negative Bacterial                          
(below 50g)
Mount & Yeast                                
(Must be less than 0.5g)
Escherichia Coli.  
(Must be less than 0.001g)
(Must be less than 0.01g)
Staphylococcus Aureus
(Must be less than 0.001g)
Micro-organism Test:
Heavy Metal Test:
Non Detected (<0.01)
(Must be less than 10ppm)
Non Detected (<0.01)
(Must be less than 5ppm)
Non Detected (<0.01)
(Must be less than 0.5ppm)
Non Detected (<0.01)
(Must be less than 0.3ppm)
Disintegration Time, min
(Capsule shell and powder)
16.8 min
(Must be less than 30 min)
Common reaction of taking Bio-Bonita:-

The first 2 months might have unregulated menstruation period, discharge of colorless or brown color period. Less menstruation pain, feel warmer
and less cool sweating.

Special Notes:
•   Sufficient plain clean water intake is crucial for the effects
•   May need at least 45-60 days to see the notable result and improvement of       
menstruation or body symptoms
•   Used only as adjunctive treatments to Western Medicine
•   Please consult proper medical advice for serious conditions

Clinical Experience Application:-
Suitable for all ages of Women, and teenage above 10 years that who have body heat-deficiency or excessive-dampness/wetness symptoms such as:

•        Blood cold mark with pale or whitish skin color
•        Cool or sweating limbs and hands
•        PMS (Premature Menstruation Symptom)
•        Cool Menstruation pain
•        Scanty period color
•        Disturbance during sleeping such as dreaminess, insomnia or nightmare
•        Hard and dry stool
•        Low grade fever

Heat-deficiency or excessive-dampness/wetness symptoms may cause by: over stress, lack of sleep, emotional upsets, improper diet,
lack of drinking water, and internal deficiency or organs disharmony.

Clinical manifestations usual excessive-heat symptoms are :-
•        Aversion to cold with preference for hot or warm.
•        Pale complexion.
•        No feel like drinking water.
•        Restlessness and insomnia.
•        Depression or irritability.
•        Scanty brownish urine.
•        Headache distending.
•        Scanty period color.
•        Eat cool/cold food/drink will feel very cold, while eat hot/dry food will have low grade fever, or feel
    body heat manifest with bad breath, headache, dizzying etc.
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Traditional Herbal Medicine - Treating Ailment Series
Bio-Bonita medicines were formulated mainly with regulated "blood" Prescription herbs with slightly "warm" natural
energy, "Bitter & Sweet" tastes as  to build up a stronger “Heart, Liver & Spleen” functions in order to relief women's
menstruation and "cool" uterus problems. ("Cool" uterus symptoms such as cool and sweating limbs and hands)

Indication:  Traditionally used to regulate menstruation, relief of menstruate pain,  relief of   
           fatigue, virginal discharge and strengthen the women’s body.

Dosage:  2 capsules a day.
Description Form: Light yellowish Brown Powder with herbal smell.
Capsule Size: Clear Vegetable Capsule Size “0”
Mesh: 90-100
Packing: 30 and 60 Capsules pack in bottle
Packing Material: Shrink warp outer on P.E.T.amber color bottle with imprint on MC sticker with reddish color tone.